Movie Preview | Ramleela – To be, or not to be?


Picking up odd characters and sketching them on larger than life canvases is the only uniqueness you will ever see in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movies. It’s not like you can’t fit these characters in normal circumstances, but that’s the luring factor for Bhansali which has always worked for him. Huge sets, over the top use of color themes, exceptional makeup, and costumes of characters are the significant factors you won’t miss in Bhansali’s movies; in short it’s a large scale waste of money for viewers. After watching stupid shit like “Saraswatichandra” (ohhh..!! Yes I watched it, thanks to my family), I am confident
He really makes it work out with money, no wonder how the movie turns out at the end, viewers can never ignore the trailers which he put in front of them, reeling them in with eccentric characters, playing with subliminal minds of viewers with colors, gigantic sets, and costumes. He hit a template with Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, and has stuck to it ever since. Ramleela too seems to be in the same mould, which strongly seems like raunchier version of “HDDCS” – similar music, similar tracks, similar set, similar theme, and similar characters – almost everything seems similar, except Deepika and Ranveer harmonizing the romance of current times.


Although the tracks, music, and more importantly trailers all could electrify your senses to watch the movie, but I will say it’s just another “Saawariya”, or a washed down version of “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” in the making … obviously with a more seductive, raunchy screenplay.

The movie has several strong points which subliminally influences the brain, which will surely lead you towards theaters. Although it all seems repetitive, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has done great work with music, especially with Laal Ishq which is a well rendered mixture of soothing strings and shehnai to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Ranveer-Deepika, first time onscreen pair promises a huge potential as they portray epic characters from the legendary Romeo-Juliet of Shakespeare. Ramleela’s Leela in ‘Lahu Muh Lag Gaya’ will surely remind you of the girl which you have always dreamed of to be with – seductive, aggressive, and more importantly bold enough to kiss you in the public without any hesitations. Ranveer has surely come a long way since his debut and made a great impact recently in Lootera, and will promisingly do well in Ramleela as Indian Romeo.




Each one of us must have heard this phrase that “opposites attract” at one point or the other in our lives. The same people also say that “birds of the same feather flock together”. Now this is where lies the confusion, if you see two completely opposite people you say “opposites attract” and if they are similar then “birds of the same feather flock together”. What exactly is the basis of attraction between two people? Had it been physics, the answer would be simple, but hence human life is a lot more complicated than magnets, the answer to this question is also fairly ambiguous.

Let’s look at it this way, if you are a shy person, chances are fairly high that you will get attracted to an outgoing and a happy go lucky person because in them you see something that you lack in, and hence the basis of attraction. To put it in simple words, if your basic nature is a little different, you can get attracted to the person of opposite nature, and hence complete each other.

But what if, your hobbies or interests are opposite? For example, what if you like peace and they like parties; you like soft music, and they like hard rock; you like travelling, and they like the comfort of home; you like junk food; and they like healthy food; you are a food freak; and they are health freak; what if whatever you like, they hate? Well the truly love-able couple will say, that we will adjust, we will try to like what the other one likes. But is it really possible to change each and every activity of yours and like something else other than whose taste you developed through the course of your life?

Maybe a person can start doing this, but with the course of time you will still want to do what u actually like. You will then realise that because of you varying tastes, you have even lesser topics to talk about because what you are interested in, they would have no interest in it. What if you just sit in separate rooms and do what you like and they do what they like? You will eventually start feeling alone and hence hope that you were with someone of the “same feather”.

Well then, what is love without compromises? What is love that doesn’t develop you as a person, doesn’t make you mature and doesn’t make you explore the world. I’m not a pessimist saying that opposites do not attract, and if you fall in love with someone “too opposite” a person, leave them. All I’m saying is that it is really hard to adjust with someone whose interests are in complete variation to yours. Sometimes you start getting to feel that it would have been better if your better half had the same interests, maybe that could help you understand each other better, and hence there would be fewer differences. But if your love is strong enough to capture it all, these little shortcomings could be resolved, but keep one thing in mind, that if you do not resolve it in the beginning, it could lead to hell of a problems.

So the next time you start getting attracted to someone completely opposite you, be careful of the consequences. You might get extremely attracted to them because they will have something you do not have and it will pull you towards them, but then be sure, follow that pull, follow your instincts only when you are ready of what lies ahead. Opposites do attract, in fact they attract a lot, but the hard part comes to them after the attraction. Well life is actually a roller coaster ride, and being with someone opposite can make your ride really happening. So if you love adventure, go for it, but be careful, maybe they are not as adventurous as you are…

An imaginative girl in my dreams and i put down her story.


She is unwillingly born in a family of frowning faces, brought up along with her five more elder sisters and a youngest step-brother. She endures a patriarch and old-biased family where her brother only is given importance. Still, she loves every member of her family as they are. She believes that stars are the only messengers for accomplishing all her wishes. Hence she make wishes and in return, stars would vanish to fulfil it

She enhances her education and polishes her ability. She is talented among all the schoolchildren and even superior than her siblings. She glints the perfection of being a girl until she is ordered to stay at home after matriculation. Reason being, she was caught cuddling with a boy after the class. Her first and little Love story ends after only few pages of prologue. Crisis hashes out her family and she is directed to bring in some money. She earns more and more like a money making machine and gives everything to her family as she is genuinely obliged to her mother. She asks for more wishes and more stars begin to fade from the sky. She falls in Love again. Her prince, this time, promises to keep her contented till he is alive. She had read in a novel that a girl needs to shed some tears and blood every month in order to stay happy. She is locked in a room to shed some tears soon she is witnessed fondling her second prince in the backyard. Her second and modest love story ends thereafter. Unfortunately, none of the stars had ever come back fulfilling any of her wish. The family changes the city and she is forced to work again. Happier times are waiting to welcome her. She brings in more and much more money and gives lesser to family this time. She would embellish herself with expensive jewelries, unusual heels and attires platinum like a chandelier plucked on her ears, lightening the moon to glitter throughout that night. Now, she find all stars green-eyed as they break down whenever she profound a wish. She wants them to stay on, twinkling forever! She is married to a rich entitled entrepreneur and her third-arranged-Love story starts. She has three daughters now and a spouse who slaps her every night for not delivering him a boy. She still earns for her three daughters but circumstances are not same. From time to time, strangers would start following her as she toddles back to home from office. This stalking turned agile one day when she was passing under a street light and the glint of her own oscillating shadow petrified the hell out of her. She transforms from a girl to a lady and devotes herself on drugs. The drugs are supposed to overcome the strain. She receives divorce a year later to shed some more tears in order to stay happy. She grew old and now she has three mouths to feed. She toiled her days and twisted her nights and pours in all the good qualities in her daughters. Her daughters grew up to work in big enterprises and they are allowed to cuddle and fondle their lovers anytime. She wed her daughters to the princes they loved and sent them away. She is delighted because her daughters didn’t get to suffer what she has gone through. She neither told her story to any of them nor did they ask. She is happy now, essentially! She at no time let her prince of childhood to seize her mind. She never recalls him but she does look back at the memories sometimes. How she used to love him from at depth and would sleep wrapped in his arms. May be the days today are not the same and the tale today is not so sweet. From moment to moment memories were made and now today alone she sleeps.

The story doesn’t have a name because each and every girl can relate some part or the other of this story , so giving her a single name …Nah my mind dnt agree for that so left her as “SHE”


Being a girl is not a Sin. It’s a biased journey to accomplish your dreams with relatively more fights than others. This is a story of an ordinary girl and how she overcomes the depression from the biased systems, day-to-day molestation, and lost Love. She fights with everyone to give her future the heartiest gladness of world. Each girl is special. Respect, now and always! 

Just a small thing she ( every she needs or hopes to get ) that is respect.

A sensible ad seen in past days from a jewellery brand…


In a country where second marriages still raise a few eyebrows, it is quite refreshing to see a TV commercial break the age-old stereotype and come out as pioneers of change. This(Tanishq)  wedding jewellery advertisement shows a woman preparing to remarry, and this time, with her little girl by her side.

An ad for one of India’s popular jewellery brands, this TV commercial has indeed taken a bold, yet fresh approach to advertising. And guess what? It’s a beautiful dusky bride who is the talking point here

Breaking social norms is this new wedding jewellery ad, which shifts its focus away from mundane advertising. I believe that the makers have put in considerable effort; and their brave attempt has found a lot of takers, plus managed to create an emotional connect with the audience.

Well finally i end up saying kudos to the creators behind this who gave a thought to come up with an ad like this, which is really a bold step in this age where fairness is given important and this particular concept is really new and thoughtful.



“A Good Push Message Can Create Wonders For Your Business”


More and more consumers are adopting smart phones. An average user opens more than 10 Apps per day and around 75% of them use Mobile to make a purchase or for assistance in information search to reach a buying decision.Thus Mobile Marketing is playing an important role and companies need to plan right Mobile Strategies to leverage this fast growing channel of communication.

The most fascinating part of this channel is that it gives Marketer or Businesses an opportunity to engage with customers in real time and communicate right information to the right customer at the right time. It opens up a gate for two way communication with your customer which means Marketer an opportunity to know their customer in a better way.

WebMobi believes, for businesses, this channel represents immense opportunity. When else can you say your brand is literally carried around-the-clock in your customer’s pocket? You have the opportunity to become integrated into their daily life—into their routine. Delight them and they will reward you with more attention, more business, greater loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Being this close to the consumer is a privilege. Your business model must treat customers as individuals. Do this well, and you will win their hearts and minds.

Push Messaging

A Push Message Can Create Wonders For Your Business !

Push Messages is a new channel of communication which helps brands to directly communicate with their consumers. Push Messaging is like giving voice to your Mobile Apps which talk to your consumer and prompt them to take any specific action or just pass on the message to them.

Push Message appear in a pop box on your home screen of mobile apps or in the Notification window. Done right, a good push marketing strategy can boost app engagement significantly.

It’s Simple! Create, Preview, Deliver and Measure

With WebMobi’s Customer Engagement Platform you can easily create a Push Message and send it to thousands of user who have installed your Mobile App. WebMobi’s Customer Engagement Platform provides set of rules that you can use to build your recipient list. It even allows you to schedule your message in advance, integrate images and videos in it.

Now, send your consumers promotional offers, coupons, news, product updates or anything your business demands. WebMobi’s Customer Engagement Platform also provides option of automatic triggering of Push Messages when any particular event occurs.

For eg, a user purchases some T Shirt using your Mobile App, you can set rules to trigger a Thank You Message on his Purchase-

“Dear Shopper! Thank you for shopping with us. Get attractive discounts on Casual wears. Click Here to view our hottest collection”

All of your targeted Push Messages are delivered right to your user’s home screens and are just a tap away.

The allure of push notifications is that they can be used to prompt user to take immediate action and redirect them to information you want to show. For Eg you can drive them to a specific page on your Mobile App, show them video, images, survey results or anything.

Push Messaging + MRM Platform: Discover Whole New Concept of Targeting

Integrate WebMobi MRM Platform with your Mobile App and it will give wings to your Mobile Marketing Campaign. It combines many layers of Customer Information to offer you new insights for targeting right customer and thus makes your Mobile Marketing Campaign effective.

WTH………arey bas bhi karo …#BBM pins


“Those who bought Blackberry just for BBM, our condolences. Theek Hai“
– Manmohan Singh
We are a bunch of people who will not at all get excited when a new Blackberry phone is launched; but introduce BBM for Android, and see us going emotionally topsy-turvy! Recently, a cruel practical joke was played on Blackberry boyzz who had purchased that tasteless gadget just for BBM. Their expressions must really be worth recording.

What Facebook and Twitter saw was everybody unmasking their hypocritical side and posting stuff like- ‘This is my pin IaMAJ3Rk. Please add me on BBM’. Kya bakchodi hai? On one hand you curse the cellphone company the same way you curse MTNL helpline, and on the other hand you embrace it as if it is Sofia Vergara. People just being nice to Blackberry before Kit-Kat arrives can be analogous to a politician being nice to a remote village in Bihar just before the elections.


How many ever come ….we all know we just use “Whatsapp” , so better now stop posting all your #BBM pins and flood me with notifications . And i am not downloading got it…..

Arey yaar jo kuch dino ke liye use karte ho uske liye itna hungama kyu??


How to be the perfect Indian woman.


Welcome to the Indian Society. Here, we worship women.
Bharat Mata, Cow is our mother, India is our motherland. AND
we blame women for everything, from bad driving to being
rape victims.
o here I am, with a tutorial on how to be the perfect woman
in our beloved Indian society.

1. Clothes. If you’re showing skin, you’re doing it wrong.
If you’re showing knees, you’re slutty. You are not entitled
to wear what pleases you. NO! You’re a Bhartiya Naari. Wear
traditional outfits or you’re asking to get raped.

2. Curfew. Don’t step out after 6:00 PM. Don’t step out
during the day unaccompanied. If you do, you’re just looking
for trouble. It isn’t the pervert’s fault. It’s yours!

3. Skin color. You can NOT be dark. According to fairness
cream commercials, no one will marry you or give you a job
unless you’re white as milk. So if you’re even one shade
down on one of those shade cards they have, go shower in
milk and stock up on fairness cream.

4. Smiling and talking. That’s flirting !! How dare you talk
to a guy with a smile on your face ! How dare you compliment
him ! No ! You can’t do that ! That’s against the Indian

5. Habits. “You drink ? But you’re a girl ! You SMOKE ?
OMIGOSH ! But you’re a girl ! How can you !!” Umm. Really ?
We never realized that !!
6. Cooking. You have to know how to cook. Every single dish.
If you can’t make round rotis, you’re asking to be shunned.
“Who wants to make aloo gobhi when you can bend it like

7. Opinions. Your opinions don’t matter. So shut up and
learn something that’ll help you in life finding a suitable

Follow these and you’re golden.