WebMobi Mobile App of the Month

The WebMobi Mobile app of the Month for September goes to Saikat Roy’s new Music Mobile App. As an Indie artist, Saikat fully understood the importance of using digital media in creative ways to promote his music and connect with fans. WebMobi’s easy to use tool for creating mobile apps on Sencha touch framework and an artist based music platform helps musicians to succeed in today’s ever-changing music industry. WebMobi enables musicians, bands, artists and labels to create custom mobile apps that promote their content and engage with their fans instantaneously-anytime, anywhere.

The music industry is the same but in some ways specially in terms of promoting your band/songs, the game has changed completely. Nowadays internet is allowing newcomers to break into big markets with viral hits uploaded to YouTube, and the iTunes store and other music downloading services. These provide alternatives and giving them big record deals. Mobile apps in this scenario are like a lifeline to connect with fans. And this lifeline should not be ignored.

As mobile usage increases each year, mobile apps are becoming more and more vital to musicians. A mobile app is always with a fan, and provides an engagement hub for critical self-promotion, so what is in store for WebMobi music app?

Everything! Here’s a sampling of some possible functions:

  • Display the artist’s latest social media activity (e.g. tweets, FB posts, YouTube uploads, announcements, etc)
  • Live chat with fans.
  • Listen to samples of music or download songs and albums.
  • Entertain your fans with your gallery.


Linking directly to their social networks allows them to keep the app updated on a regular basis. Push notifications also allow artists to advertise their latest releases directly to any user who has downloaded the app

The fact is, fans are mobile, and the artists should be too. The more opportunities you provide to fans to connect and engage with your band/songs and other fans, the better you can do.








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