Can Indian women/Children be protected by anyone?


Can Indian women/Children be protected by anyone?


Even as one goes through a gamut of emotions – shock, anger, rage, horror and tears – at the horrific and brutal rape of a five-year-old child in Delhi, one question prods the mind continuously – to what depraved levels can human beings stoop to and how long and how many rapes before the authorities in this country wake up?

Each one of us has children at home – in our family and our extended family – just imagining anything like what happened to the innocent child in Delhi sends shivers down the spine. It is barely four months since the brutal gang-rape of ‘Damini’ on December 16 last year and another incident had shamed the national capital of India. If that incident had shocked and outraged the nation for the sheer brutality of it, this incident is equally horrifying and has made headlines worldwide. What a hypocritical nation are we – on the one hand we worship Goddesses as mothers and on the other we kill and rape and brutalize our women and children.

The child was allegedly raped by her neighbour who held her captive for days. The neighbour lived on the ground floor of the building in Gandhi Nagar in which the victim also stayed. And if this was not enough, as per the doctors, foreign objects were also inserted into the private parts of the girl child – a 200 ml bottle and two or three pieces of candle. Just the thought of such an inhuman and barbaric act makes me want death for the man who was responsible for such an act. And I am sure, this is an emotion that women and most of the men in this country and around the world will empathize with


What right does a man, who ravages a child in the most horrific manner, to live? Or for that matter, does the juvenile who tortured the Delhi gang-rape victim on the night of December 16 with an iron rod, which eventually killed her, has the right to get away after serving just couple of years in prison. The women of this country have a right to live the way they want to, without fear and in freedom and the children of this country have a right to grow up in the most normal and healthy way that they should. And those who take away this right from them, the right to live should be taken away from them.



And the so called ‘human right activists’ who come on television and who write columns in newspapers advocating the right of these debased members of the society should answer a simple question – will their reaction be the same if this happened to one of their own and what about the ‘rights’ of the victims in the first place?

How long and how many rapes more before those who are responsible for the safety of us women will wake up? It is obvious that just making and passing a new rape bill is not enough – the realities on the ground will have to be altered and the will to implement the law will have to be there. The police force and the law authorities at the lower levels have to be sensitized and have to instill the fear in those who may think of committing such heinous crimes.

And what is most difficult to digest and accept are the reports of children and girls being raped and sodomized by their fathers and brothers and uncles. One can never understand as to how lust or whatever one may call it can turn a man into such an animal that he even forgets the fact that the person who he is brutalizing is one of their own. Can anyone explain as to why a father or a brother rapes his own daughter or his own sister – someone whom he has given birth to and someone whom he is supposed to protect?

We forget this matter very soon. Instead of making us cry every single day better kill all of us.atleast then the country/male would understand the deep buried pain and the hurt we go through?



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