How Mobile apps can help your hotel and restaurant


How Mobile apps can help your hotel and restaurant

Everywhere we see everyone talking about the importance of going mobile these days. From the major Internet gurus, to the main international events on Innovation and technologies, it seems like the magic word is MOBILE!

But how does this translate into more business for your hotel or restaurant?

In this article we show great benefits that mobile apps and mobile sites can bring to your hotel or restaurant.

  Reach your audience on the go

Recent statistics show that global mobile data traffic grew 70% in 2013 (Cisco Visual Networking Index 2013). Mobile data traffic in 2013 was nearly twelve times the size of the entire global internet in 2000 and even more in next coming months, so there’s no doubt that one will have more chances to reach your audience via mobile

Mobile applications are the best tool to reach users on the go and satisfy in the fastest way their need to access information on your hotel or restaurant, when they most need it.

           Geolocalized maps

               One can use mobile apps to create custom maps to help visitors locate your premises and provide relevant information on the area surrounding your hotel/restaurant. This way the mobile app will serve two crucial purposes: it will not only promote business facilitating its location and also enhance the level of customer services provided by Hotel/Restaurant thus generating a positive word of mouth.

         Offers and Special deals

               One can publish the app on the major stores; there can be a chance to take the advantage of one of the most amazing marketing tools provided by mobile applications: push notifications. Push notification can be send out to keep the users updated on the latest services being offered.

        Know your customers

          Mobile apps are a great way to promote business and also to get to know better about the customers. In-App wall chat will allow exchanging opinions and asking advice from previous customers. This will help to create social communities around the business and strengthen the reputation of the company.

        Social communities

By integrating the social profiles into app one will be able to create a lively and dynamic buzz around your business. Social networking is a friendly and effective way to engage your customers, keep in touch with old clients and encourage peer review and sharing. Whether they’ve just had an exquisite dinner at your restaurant or they’ve been amazed by your hotel’s rich breakfast buffet, give them a chance to post it on Facebook or Twitter via app and share it with other users. 


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