How to become a successful reseller…


How to become a successful reseller…


A lot of people have tried reselling thinking it is an easy way to make money but have failed .There is a subtle art to being a reseller,  with a finer craft needed to be a successful and prosperous one.

Successful resellers work to a formula, by constructing a series of business plans and goals just to target fit the requirements of their customers. WebMobi offers a very strong White Label reseller program to reseller that uses the technology to develop Mobile apps for all SME’s.

To ensure that the reseller gets the maximum benefits out of this White Label Program there are some tips to remember:

Determine your goals.

What is the goal of your business? More specifically, what is the ultimate goal of your website? When potential customers visit your site, what is it that you want them to do? Should they call or email you, should they be able to quickly find products and make their purchase?

Decide what it is you want your visitors to do and prepare a way for them to accomplish this. Compare your site with that of your competitors. How does your site match up? How can you improve?

Carefully analyze your websites content. 

People often say, “Content is king.” We believe that content is king, queen, and the entire royal family. Because it’s so important, you have to consider your content in depth. Is yours unique? Does your content get straight to the point with key words? Is there unnecessary filler text? Note: Some times too much text is bad because people are lazy and just won’t read it and move onto the next site.

Consider social media options.

Is your business on Facebook or Twitter? A structured social media plan will help you stay connected with customers! Linking your social media accounts to your website will give your customers easy access to find your business and stay connected!

Try using free directories. 

Get listed in the free directories that are available. Be as descriptive as possible when typing your business description. Provide your website link and contact information when prompted.
Google Local Business Centre
Yahoo! Local

Utilize WebMobi Support.

We’re here to help! If you have issues, questions, want to talk strategy, want to submit feedback, or just want to chat about the industry give us a call. Our white label program is a two-way street and the more communication we receive, the better you do and the better we do.We are deeply concerned about investing in ensuring that each of our resellers succeeds, because we believe “If our resellers succeeds, we also do…”, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need a hand.

Stay Current on Industry Stats.

We are constantly sharing new information through our blog, social media outlets and various other ways. Keep your ear to the speaker, so to speak and you’ll know everything we know.

Client Testimonials.

Few things are as persuasive to a target as hearing positive reviews from those in the target’s shoes that have adopted apps. For each success story you create, make sure that you obtain a testimonial. Don’t just develop an app and move on. Reach back, connect with current clients, and ask them how things are going. If they’re going well, you have a nice testimonial. If not, you have feedback that you (or we) can use to improve our offering. It’s a win-win.




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