WebMobi Events app: Emphasize, Engage and Entertain your Audience.


WebMobi Events app: Emphasize, Engage and Entertain your Audience.

Engaging your attendees all through the event is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to organising and managing an event. It is important for the host to provide the attendees with a great experience onsite during the event to not only making it a memorable one, but also plays a key role in keeping them invested in your association and making them coming back year after year.

Now what’s one of the best possible way by which you can engage entertain and emphasize your members/attendees before, during and after one of your events?

A Mobile Event App!

I know what you are thinking right now-duh right? You might be thinking that your audience aren’t quite there yet. Then you have to reconsider, have a look at figures and I am sure you would reconsider your decision.

According to the IAMAI report, out of 78.7 million mobile internet users, 15 million users only accessed sites owned by mobile operators. Also, 2.7 million users used mobile internet connection using USB dongles.

While the internet usage was primarily to send and receive emails and social networking activities, many use their phones to watch online videos and download apps, which shows that customers are already mobile and now it’s your turn to find them where they are said to be and connect with them.


Hence a mobile app is a great tool to engage and interact with your attendees and look at the following advantages which mobile apps have:

Mobile Events App

Advantages over Print Brochure

Advantage over Mobile Site

Send Push Notifications



Deliver content Offline



Superior Event Experience



Real Time Analytics



Convert your attendees into your ambassadors



Save trees




Some of the reasons you should have an events mobile app are:

All in just one place. The attendees always except to get the entire information which is required by them about the event to be present at one place; hence you should provide all the information regarding the event at one place which is easily accessible to them during and after the event.

Make your sponsors happy. You can connect your sponsors to a much targeted audience and increase their interaction and also mobile app is a best way to share special offerings.

Simplified version of website. Mobile app can integrate all your information from website.

Prestige and modern. Information will be stored directly on your attendees’ mobile devices allowing them to navigate, interact and engage with your event effectively.

Marketing tool. Attendees can download personalized application well in advance and share it with their colleagues and friends. Recommendations are the best advertisements for the event.

Great for multiple events. For multiple or annual events this mobile app is a must-have. Showcase all your events in a single app and also provide your next event details within the same app.

With increase in number of people using mobile or opting mobile , the demand for the business to go mobile is also increasing .Attendees’ and delegates except nothing less, giving them an engaging , easy-to-use tool will create a better experience and will give an edge over your competitors.





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