Announced his retirement…is it??Oh please keep calm..



My fellow friends, please stop flooding my facebook wall with messages about Sachin Tendulkar retirement and don’t expect me to praise him. I am not a big fan of his. For me he will always be the greedy attention seeker; the one who will grab all the attention when his poor teammates have colluded to fall in unison. But he has that bad itch to stand among the ruins in the 90’s.

 South Africa, West indies, England, Australia this greedy person tried to conquer every territory. I will never forgive him how he stood alone in that sublime 175 against Australia and how he has done the same in numerous other occasions. someone please tell that egoistic person that cricket is a team game; you need to run with others and not making your other teammates look like helpless chickens. Numerous stances were there when people asked,” Sachin ka score bata“( how much did Sachin score?) rather than team India score. See, highly individualistic you are.

You were the one which prompted me to flunk numerous exams. Because you do not care about our nation. Deserted roads, empty offices and other things; this kind of effect you brought on our nation’s progress.I was always the Dravid and Ponting fan. And when I slept last night, I realised something was paining in the chest and something was amiss. It was kind of a feeling when someone really close leaves you. I tried to change positions but it did not help. I realised that number 4 will never be the same again. The Australian crowds will not stand up for number 4 nor for that matter any other country’s crowd.That stance, that drive and that man in helmet. And then the true realisation happened. I was not your fan. It was something much bigger than that.Yes, just watching you bat was the sweetest part of growing up cycle. And you insensitive man have just left a big void there..


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