Gravity…..what a visual treat…..


“Houston, in ten minutes two results are possible, either I will be home and will have an awesome story to tell or I will be burned and will die. But whatever way it will be, this is one hell of a ride” says Sandra Bullock(the Ryan). And she was right in saying the same. Gravity as a movie is definitely one hell of a ride with its own amount of silence, scare, visual brilliance and survival story.

The shots of earth and space are absolutely beautiful. Sandra Bullock as Dr Ryan Stones and a mother who had lost her only daughter and George Clooney as a cheeky handsome flirt (which he can carry out in his sleep as well given his looks) are both out doing repairs on the spaceship when Houston warns them the Russians blew up their own satellite and accidentally destroyed every other satellite there is. This is not that kind of a spoiler as from the trailers we all have seen that the debris had hit them and therefore they need to find some alternative to get back home.

Before commenting on acting and story, I think what makes the movie a different treat is the visual effects that are so brilliantly executed that you get a feeling that whether they are really shot in space. The film simply captures you and will not let you drift (though a lot of drifting does take place in movie). Especially when one station blows up when the debris hits it and leads to a visually appealing explosion and not the Transformer type of explosion.

Regarding acting, it is a two character movie with Clooney part already mentioned above. And for Sandra Bullock, well the last great one man show I remembered was put up by Tom Hanks in Cast Away and Sandra to me over exceeded even that. The fear, the confusion, the hopelessness, the delirium of loneliness out in space, she just makes you feel the real emotions of a stranded astronaut. It is a kind of acting that takes you simply from a watching zone to an experiencing it zone.

Director Alfonso Cuaron managed to give a movie which would be on movie enthusiast top list for years for its novelty in story and visualization and can certainly give Sandra bullock a Oscar. A gripping story has been turned into a certain masterpiece by the director’s brilliance. I haven’t seen people in the theatre clapping for english movies (yes for old Sunny Paaji and new Salman movies they do clap), but Gravity managed to get the same appreciation from the viewers at the end (last time I observed the same was when Batman made the entry in Dark Knight Rises and a policeman said,” you are in for the show tonight , son”).

Gravity is definitely a movie to watch on big screen and that too a 3d movie….. and you won’t be disappointed….the effects were just mindblowing..finally i agree upon my old point “Its all in the director’s hand”


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