WTH………arey bas bhi karo …#BBM pins


“Those who bought Blackberry just for BBM, our condolences. Theek Hai“
– Manmohan Singh
We are a bunch of people who will not at all get excited when a new Blackberry phone is launched; but introduce BBM for Android, and see us going emotionally topsy-turvy! Recently, a cruel practical joke was played on Blackberry boyzz who had purchased that tasteless gadget just for BBM. Their expressions must really be worth recording.

What Facebook and Twitter saw was everybody unmasking their hypocritical side and posting stuff like- ‘This is my pin IaMAJ3Rk. Please add me on BBM’. Kya bakchodi hai? On one hand you curse the cellphone company the same way you curse MTNL helpline, and on the other hand you embrace it as if it is Sofia Vergara. People just being nice to Blackberry before Kit-Kat arrives can be analogous to a politician being nice to a remote village in Bihar just before the elections.


How many ever come ….we all know we just use “Whatsapp” , so better now stop posting all your #BBM pins and flood me with notifications . And i am not downloading got it…..

Arey yaar jo kuch dino ke liye use karte ho uske liye itna hungama kyu??



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