“A Good Push Message Can Create Wonders For Your Business”


More and more consumers are adopting smart phones. An average user opens more than 10 Apps per day and around 75% of them use Mobile to make a purchase or for assistance in information search to reach a buying decision.Thus Mobile Marketing is playing an important role and companies need to plan right Mobile Strategies to leverage this fast growing channel of communication.

The most fascinating part of this channel is that it gives Marketer or Businesses an opportunity to engage with customers in real time and communicate right information to the right customer at the right time. It opens up a gate for two way communication with your customer which means Marketer an opportunity to know their customer in a better way.

WebMobi believes, for businesses, this channel represents immense opportunity. When else can you say your brand is literally carried around-the-clock in your customer’s pocket? You have the opportunity to become integrated into their daily life—into their routine. Delight them and they will reward you with more attention, more business, greater loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Being this close to the consumer is a privilege. Your business model must treat customers as individuals. Do this well, and you will win their hearts and minds.

Push Messaging

A Push Message Can Create Wonders For Your Business !

Push Messages is a new channel of communication which helps brands to directly communicate with their consumers. Push Messaging is like giving voice to your Mobile Apps which talk to your consumer and prompt them to take any specific action or just pass on the message to them.

Push Message appear in a pop box on your home screen of mobile apps or in the Notification window. Done right, a good push marketing strategy can boost app engagement significantly.

It’s Simple! Create, Preview, Deliver and Measure

With WebMobi’s Customer Engagement Platform you can easily create a Push Message and send it to thousands of user who have installed your Mobile App. WebMobi’s Customer Engagement Platform provides set of rules that you can use to build your recipient list. It even allows you to schedule your message in advance, integrate images and videos in it.

Now, send your consumers promotional offers, coupons, news, product updates or anything your business demands. WebMobi’s Customer Engagement Platform also provides option of automatic triggering of Push Messages when any particular event occurs.

For eg, a user purchases some T Shirt using your Mobile App, you can set rules to trigger a Thank You Message on his Purchase-

“Dear Shopper! Thank you for shopping with us. Get attractive discounts on Casual wears. Click Here to view our hottest collection”

All of your targeted Push Messages are delivered right to your user’s home screens and are just a tap away.

The allure of push notifications is that they can be used to prompt user to take immediate action and redirect them to information you want to show. For Eg you can drive them to a specific page on your Mobile App, show them video, images, survey results or anything.

Push Messaging + MRM Platform: Discover Whole New Concept of Targeting

Integrate WebMobi MRM Platform with your Mobile App and it will give wings to your Mobile Marketing Campaign. It combines many layers of Customer Information to offer you new insights for targeting right customer and thus makes your Mobile Marketing Campaign effective.


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