A sensible ad seen in past days from a jewellery brand…


In a country where second marriages still raise a few eyebrows, it is quite refreshing to see a TV commercial break the age-old stereotype and come out as pioneers of change. This(Tanishq)  wedding jewellery advertisement shows a woman preparing to remarry, and this time, with her little girl by her side.

An ad for one of India’s popular jewellery brands, this TV commercial has indeed taken a bold, yet fresh approach to advertising. And guess what? It’s a beautiful dusky bride who is the talking point here

Breaking social norms is this new wedding jewellery ad, which shifts its focus away from mundane advertising. I believe that the makers have put in considerable effort; and their brave attempt has found a lot of takers, plus managed to create an emotional connect with the audience.

Well finally i end up saying kudos to the creators behind this who gave a thought to come up with an ad like this, which is really a bold step in this age where fairness is given important and this particular concept is really new and thoughtful.




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