An imaginative girl in my dreams and i put down her story.


She is unwillingly born in a family of frowning faces, brought up along with her five more elder sisters and a youngest step-brother. She endures a patriarch and old-biased family where her brother only is given importance. Still, she loves every member of her family as they are. She believes that stars are the only messengers for accomplishing all her wishes. Hence she make wishes and in return, stars would vanish to fulfil it

She enhances her education and polishes her ability. She is talented among all the schoolchildren and even superior than her siblings. She glints the perfection of being a girl until she is ordered to stay at home after matriculation. Reason being, she was caught cuddling with a boy after the class. Her first and little Love story ends after only few pages of prologue. Crisis hashes out her family and she is directed to bring in some money. She earns more and more like a money making machine and gives everything to her family as she is genuinely obliged to her mother. She asks for more wishes and more stars begin to fade from the sky. She falls in Love again. Her prince, this time, promises to keep her contented till he is alive. She had read in a novel that a girl needs to shed some tears and blood every month in order to stay happy. She is locked in a room to shed some tears soon she is witnessed fondling her second prince in the backyard. Her second and modest love story ends thereafter. Unfortunately, none of the stars had ever come back fulfilling any of her wish. The family changes the city and she is forced to work again. Happier times are waiting to welcome her. She brings in more and much more money and gives lesser to family this time. She would embellish herself with expensive jewelries, unusual heels and attires platinum like a chandelier plucked on her ears, lightening the moon to glitter throughout that night. Now, she find all stars green-eyed as they break down whenever she profound a wish. She wants them to stay on, twinkling forever! She is married to a rich entitled entrepreneur and her third-arranged-Love story starts. She has three daughters now and a spouse who slaps her every night for not delivering him a boy. She still earns for her three daughters but circumstances are not same. From time to time, strangers would start following her as she toddles back to home from office. This stalking turned agile one day when she was passing under a street light and the glint of her own oscillating shadow petrified the hell out of her. She transforms from a girl to a lady and devotes herself on drugs. The drugs are supposed to overcome the strain. She receives divorce a year later to shed some more tears in order to stay happy. She grew old and now she has three mouths to feed. She toiled her days and twisted her nights and pours in all the good qualities in her daughters. Her daughters grew up to work in big enterprises and they are allowed to cuddle and fondle their lovers anytime. She wed her daughters to the princes they loved and sent them away. She is delighted because her daughters didn’t get to suffer what she has gone through. She neither told her story to any of them nor did they ask. She is happy now, essentially! She at no time let her prince of childhood to seize her mind. She never recalls him but she does look back at the memories sometimes. How she used to love him from at depth and would sleep wrapped in his arms. May be the days today are not the same and the tale today is not so sweet. From moment to moment memories were made and now today alone she sleeps.

The story doesn’t have a name because each and every girl can relate some part or the other of this story , so giving her a single name …Nah my mind dnt agree for that so left her as “SHE”


Being a girl is not a Sin. It’s a biased journey to accomplish your dreams with relatively more fights than others. This is a story of an ordinary girl and how she overcomes the depression from the biased systems, day-to-day molestation, and lost Love. She fights with everyone to give her future the heartiest gladness of world. Each girl is special. Respect, now and always! 

Just a small thing she ( every she needs or hopes to get ) that is respect.


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