Each one of us must have heard this phrase that “opposites attract” at one point or the other in our lives. The same people also say that “birds of the same feather flock together”. Now this is where lies the confusion, if you see two completely opposite people you say “opposites attract” and if they are similar then “birds of the same feather flock together”. What exactly is the basis of attraction between two people? Had it been physics, the answer would be simple, but hence human life is a lot more complicated than magnets, the answer to this question is also fairly ambiguous.

Let’s look at it this way, if you are a shy person, chances are fairly high that you will get attracted to an outgoing and a happy go lucky person because in them you see something that you lack in, and hence the basis of attraction. To put it in simple words, if your basic nature is a little different, you can get attracted to the person of opposite nature, and hence complete each other.

But what if, your hobbies or interests are opposite? For example, what if you like peace and they like parties; you like soft music, and they like hard rock; you like travelling, and they like the comfort of home; you like junk food; and they like healthy food; you are a food freak; and they are health freak; what if whatever you like, they hate? Well the truly love-able couple will say, that we will adjust, we will try to like what the other one likes. But is it really possible to change each and every activity of yours and like something else other than whose taste you developed through the course of your life?

Maybe a person can start doing this, but with the course of time you will still want to do what u actually like. You will then realise that because of you varying tastes, you have even lesser topics to talk about because what you are interested in, they would have no interest in it. What if you just sit in separate rooms and do what you like and they do what they like? You will eventually start feeling alone and hence hope that you were with someone of the “same feather”.

Well then, what is love without compromises? What is love that doesn’t develop you as a person, doesn’t make you mature and doesn’t make you explore the world. I’m not a pessimist saying that opposites do not attract, and if you fall in love with someone “too opposite” a person, leave them. All I’m saying is that it is really hard to adjust with someone whose interests are in complete variation to yours. Sometimes you start getting to feel that it would have been better if your better half had the same interests, maybe that could help you understand each other better, and hence there would be fewer differences. But if your love is strong enough to capture it all, these little shortcomings could be resolved, but keep one thing in mind, that if you do not resolve it in the beginning, it could lead to hell of a problems.

So the next time you start getting attracted to someone completely opposite you, be careful of the consequences. You might get extremely attracted to them because they will have something you do not have and it will pull you towards them, but then be sure, follow that pull, follow your instincts only when you are ready of what lies ahead. Opposites do attract, in fact they attract a lot, but the hard part comes to them after the attraction. Well life is actually a roller coaster ride, and being with someone opposite can make your ride really happening. So if you love adventure, go for it, but be careful, maybe they are not as adventurous as you are…


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