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SEO goes mobile- Say hello to App Store Optimization

There used to be a time when apps were seen as a fun way to futz around on the phone by playing games or editing pictures of friends to make them look like old people. From being novelty acts mostly fueled by the gaming industry, mobile applications have become potent tools in the hands of forward thinking business owners. However, with over 600,000 apps on iOS and 500,000 plus apps on android, getting found on the app store is a challenge for not only pure application developers but also retail store owners and marketers in the hospitality industry.

What comes as a relief to many web 2.0 veterans is the fact that app store omptimization (ASO) seems to be not too different from SEO. Title tags, descriptions, metadata and keywords continue to be given priority. Forrester says that 63% of app discovery occurs through app store searches. So what are a few things that can make your mobile app stand out from the crowd?

Understand the platform

While itunes and google play continue to be the most widely used, other platforms such as Amazon’s appstore for android devices have sprung up. Tailor your app based on the nature of the store you’re targeting. For example, itunes’ keyword field allows you to associate your app with certain keywords. This is an important consideration to make on any platform. Since google does have the most sophisticated search algorithms on the internet, their app stores too are well guarded by highly cognitive algorithms.

Place keywords in your app title

Be sure to give a lot of thought to your app name since this is a key factor in rankings. A study by Kissmetrics showed that apps ranked 10.3% higher when optimized for keywords in a particular category. Similar to SEO, having a good title is important in ensuring that your app ranks high on the app store

Encourage customers to rate and review

This is a tricky one. You want to coax customers into writing reviews but this means that the unhappy ones also become more vocal. So the moral of the story is to first create a valuable product that users will enjoy using. Studies have shown that the number of ratings and reviews have a direct correlation to rankings. Don’t forget to create a space where customers can vent and have their complaints addressed. No application is perfect. Inputs from the real world go a long way in making a mobile app as close to perfect as possible.

Don’t overstate its importance

We are at a stage in mobile that the internet was in about 10-15 years ago. Realizing that there were set ways to rank higher on SERP’s, black hat forums became watering holes for webmasters trying to game the system. Now at a stage of maturity, search has become smarter and more intuitive. Creating a product that adds value to users is the best way to ensure that word gets around about your application.

And finally…

Let us help!

Have an idea for an application that will kill it on the appstore but don’t have the coding chops? That’s ok. WebMobi has created a platform that empowers anyone to create great mobile applications. Hit us up and we’ll be happy to assist you in the process.


Location Marketing-what is the hype all about?


Location-based marketing is not something that is brand new to advertisers and marketers, and yet very few effectively understand what it is and how it can be implemented within advertising or marketing campaigns that lead to higher conversion rates, better targeting and more data about consumers.
Reasons why every business should implement some type of location based marketing within their current or upcoming marketing campaign.

Location is the New Cookie:
Just like how marketers gather information through the use of cookies left behind by visitors to sites, location data provides marketers valuable information about where a consumer is from, where they have been and where they may go next. With the help of algorithms, businesses can then begin to group consumers into behavioral and demographic segments for targeting within their next campaigns.

Competitors Already in the Game:
With the changes and updates made within Google Adwords to help create an easier and more reliable way to target mobile customers, businesses now have no need to worry about setting up completely new campaigns within Adwords. By simply checking off a box within Adwords, they now have mobile ads. Within the industry, businesses are already noticing lower costs for keywords when targeting mobile specifically, leading to higher visits and chances for conversions versus those businesses that target on desktop only devices. By utilizing location-based mobile ads, companies can reap the same benefit of a person looking on line as they would if a pamphlet was handed to them when walking by the store or business.

Location is Extending beyond Smartphones:
The first device that pops up in anyone’s head when “location-based” is mentioned is usually a smartphone, and while this may be the major driver of all location-based data for the time begin, we need to look towards tablets and the ever changing technological landscape for the next smartphone. While it is imperative to have location-based ads targeted to smartphones and tablets, it is even more important to have those ads linking to the closest store or business. As more and more smartphone and tablet owners begin to use their device throughout the entire shopping process, businesses must create strong ads that help to engage their audiences while on the go in a mobile and location friendly design and interface.

Location-based data is driving much of the interest – and success:
Enabling campaigns with local data produces measurable results. In a study of over 2,500 of its mobile marketing campaigns, Geo-aware ads, geo-fenced ads, and location data paired with audience demographics or purchase intent are all proving to be extremely successful.LOCATION-BASEDSlide2

Sins of father : book review:


Thanks weekend, this weekend i planned not to go anywhere out and just do one thing , that is to sit and read “Jeffrey Archer’s Sins of Father” Book , finally i am here writing the review of the book after finishing it.

Let me start with the catchy opening line of the book :

“I have no idea what you’re up to, my dear,” said Maisie, once Emma had released her, “but whatever it is, I wish you luck.”

Emma wanted to tell her, I’m going in search of your son, and I won’t return until I’ve found him.
Jeffrey Archer is an amazing storyteller. “The Sins of the Father” is part two of a five part saga that is absolutely page-turning! This second installment is even more compelling than the first, and that is saying a lot.
“Only Time Will Tell” is the title of the first novel in the Clifton Chronicles. It instantly flew onto the New York Times bestseller with rave reviews. I found myself reading as fast as I could just to talk about this powerful novel full of bright and witty characters with secrets. I do love secrets.
Now with “The Sins of the Father” we get to find out what happened to Harry Clifton when his ship was sunk during the war. He survived, but to what avail? Fleeing from a wedding to the only woman he’d ever loved, to save her from anymore pain and suffering, he has made a decision to take on the identity of a man who did perish in the sinking. What a horrible decision. This guy is in big trouble. And now everyone thinks it’s him.

Jeffrey Archer knows the prison system. He knows it well. He’s spent time in prison and you can tell he’s learned the lay of the land. They say you should write what you know, and he has. He does a stellar job of allowing us into the world of the convict. Some cons even get to work in the library. I found this especially interesting. Made me wonder if Archer, himself, did just that.
So many twists and turns in this full-steam ahead novel. Just when you think you are on top of it, whammo, it all changes around. Keeps you on your toes.

The character of Emma Barrington, who is Harry’s love, is one of the most tenacious women I’ve had the pleasure to meet in literary history. You can bet big money that she is going to get to the bottom of “where is Harry”?Plus, she has a big secret to reveal.

Jeffrey Archer is not a literary writer. By no means. But he is someone who gets the job done and done in a great way. I adore reading his latest saga and can’t wait for the next installment. 

Well something worth i have done this weekend.


Finally…Secret Of the Nagas…


ImagePart 2 of the Shiva Trilogy. Shiva continues his journey from Meluha into Swadeep, after managing to broker a peaceful arrangement between the Suryavanshis and Chandravanshis. He then shifts his focus to what he considers a common threat, and a fount of evil – the Nagas. His search for the Nagas takes him into the Chandravanshi kingdoms and brings him in touch with various populaces who have ties with the Nagas. As the book progresses, events force Shiva to reconsider his belief in the Vasudevs as well as his stance on the Nagas, and towards the end, he begins his journey into the land south of the Narmada – the abode of the Nagas.

The book sees the birth of Karthik, Shiva’s son, as well as the introduction of other popular Hindu mythology characters – Ganesh, Kali, Parashuram etc. The author, as with the first book, tries to find a logical explanation to the mythological portrayals, though he does take a lot of creative liberties. Book 2 also ends with revelations and a set of questions which most likely will be answered in The Oath of the Vayuputras.

I felt that the prose and the style had definitely improved from the first volume, though I still found the rampant use of modern day phrases and expressions by mythological characters a put off. Once again, the narrative is paced well, and there is no dearth of imagination. 

Well i have to make myself a little time to finish the third part as soon as possible…well i lag at opening the book but once i start i have to make sure i finish it up.

2014….the movies i am carving them to release…


There are films you watch and then there are films you’d give your arms to watch. Yeah, well I know that was an exaggeration but then everyone has those films in mind which they just wish would release sooner. To list a very few out of the plethora of films I want to watch a lot sooner was a task. So here are a very few films to release in 2014 which I await desperately. (Anticipating did not bring out the desperation).

  1. The Hobbit: There and Back Again: Bilbo, Gandalf and the Dwarves are in Smaug’s lair, but will they get their gold and return home safely? If you have watched The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey, you are probably as restless as me for both the upcoming parts. Need I say more?
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Spider-Man squares off against the Rhino and the powerful Electro while struggling to keep his promise to leave Gwen Stacey out of his dangerous life. Now, hardly can there be people who have not heard of Spider-Man, and once you watch Spider-man there is no way you do not want to see more of it, and more, and even more.
  3. 2 States: If Five Point Someone came down (or up) to Three Idiots, it’s but obvious to wait for another Chetan Bhagat novel to mould into a film. I am anxious. You? And more than that the casting of this film is making me excited….(Arjun Kapoor & Alia Bhatt)
  4. Night At The Museum 3: I know I am getting into a lot of sequels, but once you get to like a series-you just like it and you want to watch more. I might seem boring but I am a sequel person.
  5. Bombay Velvet: 

    What intrigues and makes me beyond anxious is the plot kept mysterious. There are a lot many leaks about what it possibly could be about but none substantial enough to believe. Anurag Kashyap has my expectations high.

    And there are so many more films I wanted to add and so much more I wanted to write about the ones already included but that would probably spoil the fun for you. But these films I truly await and Happy New Year too. I still am sane and know it’s only September. I meant the film; happens when you are a die-hard Shahrukh fan. Do share films you anticipate.

Gravity…..what a visual treat…..


“Houston, in ten minutes two results are possible, either I will be home and will have an awesome story to tell or I will be burned and will die. But whatever way it will be, this is one hell of a ride” says Sandra Bullock(the Ryan). And she was right in saying the same. Gravity as a movie is definitely one hell of a ride with its own amount of silence, scare, visual brilliance and survival story.

The shots of earth and space are absolutely beautiful. Sandra Bullock as Dr Ryan Stones and a mother who had lost her only daughter and George Clooney as a cheeky handsome flirt (which he can carry out in his sleep as well given his looks) are both out doing repairs on the spaceship when Houston warns them the Russians blew up their own satellite and accidentally destroyed every other satellite there is. This is not that kind of a spoiler as from the trailers we all have seen that the debris had hit them and therefore they need to find some alternative to get back home.

Before commenting on acting and story, I think what makes the movie a different treat is the visual effects that are so brilliantly executed that you get a feeling that whether they are really shot in space. The film simply captures you and will not let you drift (though a lot of drifting does take place in movie). Especially when one station blows up when the debris hits it and leads to a visually appealing explosion and not the Transformer type of explosion.

Regarding acting, it is a two character movie with Clooney part already mentioned above. And for Sandra Bullock, well the last great one man show I remembered was put up by Tom Hanks in Cast Away and Sandra to me over exceeded even that. The fear, the confusion, the hopelessness, the delirium of loneliness out in space, she just makes you feel the real emotions of a stranded astronaut. It is a kind of acting that takes you simply from a watching zone to an experiencing it zone.

Director Alfonso Cuaron managed to give a movie which would be on movie enthusiast top list for years for its novelty in story and visualization and can certainly give Sandra bullock a Oscar. A gripping story has been turned into a certain masterpiece by the director’s brilliance. I haven’t seen people in the theatre clapping for english movies (yes for old Sunny Paaji and new Salman movies they do clap), but Gravity managed to get the same appreciation from the viewers at the end (last time I observed the same was when Batman made the entry in Dark Knight Rises and a policeman said,” you are in for the show tonight , son”).

Gravity is definitely a movie to watch on big screen and that too a 3d movie….. and you won’t be disappointed….the effects were just mindblowing..finally i agree upon my old point “Its all in the director’s hand”

Announced his retirement…is it??Oh please keep calm..



My fellow friends, please stop flooding my facebook wall with messages about Sachin Tendulkar retirement and don’t expect me to praise him. I am not a big fan of his. For me he will always be the greedy attention seeker; the one who will grab all the attention when his poor teammates have colluded to fall in unison. But he has that bad itch to stand among the ruins in the 90’s.

 South Africa, West indies, England, Australia this greedy person tried to conquer every territory. I will never forgive him how he stood alone in that sublime 175 against Australia and how he has done the same in numerous other occasions. someone please tell that egoistic person that cricket is a team game; you need to run with others and not making your other teammates look like helpless chickens. Numerous stances were there when people asked,” Sachin ka score bata“( how much did Sachin score?) rather than team India score. See, highly individualistic you are.

You were the one which prompted me to flunk numerous exams. Because you do not care about our nation. Deserted roads, empty offices and other things; this kind of effect you brought on our nation’s progress.I was always the Dravid and Ponting fan. And when I slept last night, I realised something was paining in the chest and something was amiss. It was kind of a feeling when someone really close leaves you. I tried to change positions but it did not help. I realised that number 4 will never be the same again. The Australian crowds will not stand up for number 4 nor for that matter any other country’s crowd.That stance, that drive and that man in helmet. And then the true realisation happened. I was not your fan. It was something much bigger than that.Yes, just watching you bat was the sweetest part of growing up cycle. And you insensitive man have just left a big void there..